Pedal Mods

There are many great pedals out there that often only with a small bit of tweaking here and there can become awesome pedals! Quite often a pedal will be put away in the closet or resold because of poor quality parts used by the manufacturer that can make them unreliable, noisy, volume drops and worse.

Some legendary pedals sound fantastic but can be modded to do even more, this could be an added switch to give the option of adding different overdrive sounds, swapping components to increase or decrease certain frequencies like bass, mid-cut and top end. Because of this, it has become very popular to have modifications done to pedals (mods).

Some of the More Popular mods I do include:

Ilbanez TS808 Tubescreamer

TUBESCREAMERS - The most popular requests for Tube screamer's and the many variations of this classic circuit is the option to cut the mid boost this pedal is known for, although scooping the mid-band isn't great in most band situations as the guitar can get lost in the mix, having the option to decrease it slightly gives this great pedal even more tonal range. As with other other overdrives, another popular mod is to add different clipping options, led's will give a more 'marshall' type tone whereas germanium diodes can make it feel softer and more rounded.

Electro Harmonic Big Muff

BIG MUFF - The mother of all fuzz! Lots of fun things can be done to a muff, classic mods include the infamous 'creamy dreamer' Pumpkins type tone, mid-scoop mod and mods to alter a standard muff to the specs of other classic BM's such as the Rams Head, Triangle Muff or Green Russian Muff.

MXR Bluebox

MXR Blue Box - This weird little noise maker has a noticeable volume drop straight out the box, this can be altered to fix this drop.

Boss GE-7

BOSS GE-7 - Probably the best graphic equalizer in a pedal but straight-out-the-box can be fairly noisy, this becomes much more noticeable as the boost slider is increased. I personally use a GE-7 and have done for years but could never go back to an un-modded one. The mod includes swapping out the 3 ic chips for higher spec ic's and replacing a handful of capacitors. After the mod has been done, the pedal is much quieter and seems to have a layer of added clarity and quality to individual bands and overall sound.

Crybaby wah pedal

WAH PEDALS - True-Bypass, Led addition, Vocal Mod - Inductor swaps - Capacitor swaps plus much more. Contact me with your requirements for more info.

EVERYTHING ELSE / Repairs - There are many many more pedals that can be tweaked or improved upon, contact me about these or any other mods.

- Please use the Contact page and let me know your requirements.

Custom Builds

I have had requests to build a massive range of different pedals over the years; these one-off builds are all made to exactly the same high specs as the Williams Audio range of effect pedals. I am more than happy discussing various options and any ideas, however crazy they may seem!

True-bypass Looper's: True-bypass Looper's: A great way to get tone sucking but otherwise cool pedals out of your signal chain. The looper can be a single unit to just accommodate a single pedal or strip that could handle several more. Each loop has its own dedicated LED to let you know if it is on or off. Options include adding a buffer circuit in the box or even dedicated volume controls.

Buffer Pedal: These can be used to keep a signal 'healthy' that may be running through a very large pedal board.

Fuzz: I have built many many different types of fuzz, usually these are requested because the originals are impossible to find or cost huge amounts, sometimes it's because a pedal may be too rare or unreliable to take it on the road. I have in stock a huge variety of weird and wonderful transistors, silicon and germanium, so can accommodate most requests, no matter how weird the fuzz, let me know.

Overdrives: Very popular builds are tweaked versions of the classic Tube screamer type OD. An example might be one made to TS808 specs with the option of switching to later models, increased overdrive, different tone sounds, ability to switch overdrive to softer / harder sounds.

Dual Pedals: Always fun, 2 fx in one box. This could be 2 fuzz circuits, one silicon and one Germanium. 2 x boost fx, this offers the flexibility of having 2 different levels pre-set or having one left always on and another to use as a dedicated boost. Mix 'n' Match of different circuits, maybe a tube screamer type circuit and a muff type fuzz? there's many different options that can be tried.

Please use the Contact Page to let me know your requests.

- Please use the Contact page and let me know your requirements.
- Remember that any alterations / mods will affect any warranty you may still have with the pedal. -